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Miriam Rosenthal-Rabner

Dipl. Mediator SVM, psychologist lic. phil., therapist for couples and families in training
Phone +41 43 243 80 60

· B.A. in legal sciences
· Attorney in foreign law firm
· Graduated in psychology and child and youth psychopathology from the University of Zurich
· Social-pedagogical family work Rötel Center
· Interdisciplinary mediation training at the IEF Zurich and zak Basel
· 1995-2002 licensed family mediator at the "Divorce Counseling and Mediation Practice Zurich"
· Co-founder of Bellevue Mediation

Additional professional activities
· Since 1996 development and supervision of group therapy offered for children in divorce situations
· 2001 Co-founder of the association "Trialog - children in divorce"
· Since 2001 execution of child hearings at the Zurich District Court
· Psychological counseling and therapy (children, couples, and families)
· Counseling on custody issues (children and parents)

Preferred areas of activity
· Mediation in separation and divorce matters
· Position and ambivalence evaluation
· Post-marriage family systems
· Custody issues and counseling
· Involving children in separation and divorce situations
· Co-Mediation-Setting

Publications on mediation
· The Child in Mediation, SVM 2000, unpublished

· Swiss Mediation Association SVM
· Federation of Swiss Psychologists FSP
· Zurich Association of Psychologists ZüPP
· Founding member and president "Trialog - Association Children in Divorce"