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Mediation-Practicum in the USA
23th to 27th March 2020
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The next Mediation Practicum in the USA will take place in March 2020. You shall be able to observe real Mediation cases in different areas. There is also the possibility to Co-Mediate. This practicum allows you to learn about different mediation styles and extend your mediation experience. All previous participants were enthusiastic about their experience.

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We offer custom-tailored in-house seminars for introducing mediation as well as negotiating techniques.

Introductory mediation seminar

· Become acquainted with the theory and principles of mediation
· Discover or become acquainted with areas of application
· Learn about forms of conflict avoidance and quick conflict resolution
· How to consider the general legal framework
· Learn about techniques of communication and of how ask questions

Seminar on negotiating techniques

· Learn and practice negotiating strategies
· Learn about tensions in the relationship between cooperative and competitive negotiating
· Preparing negotiations
· Using negotiating principles
· How to deal with contract partners in a conflict situation

Seminar/Training on conflict management for managers

The participants will learn to choose the right path in order to confront and resolve disputes. You will learn to recognize conflict as a chance to improve a situation. You will understand the process of dispute resolution and how to carry it out. Your ability to tackle conflict consciously will grow your natural authority.

Seminar on how to manage difficult discussions

You can learn how to prepare yourself well for difficult discussions and what you have to watch out for when sensitive points must be addressed, so that your opponent will not feel a need to adopt a defensive stance. In a well-lead discussion, your partner feels that he is taken seriously. He listens to you, presents his concerns respectfully, and is motivated to cooperate with you.

We adapt our seminars to your needs and requirements, would be pleased to discuss structure and contents of instruction courses personally with you and to develop an appropriate proposal.